How we met

Nate and Jess met while volunteering at the Chicago Children's Theater annual gala. Jess's friend was their marketing manager, Nate's friend their event manager. He was impressed by her humor and sass. She spent the whole night thinking his name was Will.  Before ducking out at the end, Nate asked Jess for her number, and witty texts ensued.  Their first date was at the Map Room in Chicago.  


the proposal

After three years of dating and two of living together (in sin, sorry mom), Nate took Jess to an Italian restaurant where they had their third date. On the walk home, he got down on one knee and proposed over a subway grate... on a busy street. It happened to be in the spot of their first kiss.  Their dear photog friend, Jeremy, hid in the bushes to capture the magic.  


The wedding

Jess and Nate had the very best, most kickass wedding on July 3 in Chicago.  They invited 75 of their closest friends to watch them exchange vows and eat delicious tacos from a food truck at a charming little firehouse-turned-event space.  Afterwards, they danced like idiots and lit sparklers. 

We’re a little weird, and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.
— Dr. Seuss

stuff we like

  • Cooking.  After a crazy work day, we like to spend time together in our kitchen cooking, listening to music and drinking red wine. 
  • Really Bad Action Movies.  The cheesier, the better. 
  • Farmers Markets.  On Saturday we bike to one in our neighborhood.
  • Dancing.  After a crappy day, there's nothing like cranking the music and dancing in our kitchen.
  • Our siblings.  Even though they live far away, they're some of our favorite people.
  • Goal setting.  Sounds nerdy, but there's nothing like shared goal setting to get us feeling connected.
  • Dog sitting.  We love dogs!  To save for this trip, we even did a stint as professional dog watchers.
  • Bagels.  But, like, really good ones.