There is no short answer to how much your trip will cost.  We follow travelers who do trips for $15,000 and others who spend $110,000.

Our philosophy is if you’re willing to be creative, flexible and patient, there’s nowhere in the world you can’t travel, even on a small budget.

Depending on how you travel, here are some estimates for a yearlong trip:

Budget Trip: $15,000 per person ($41/day)

The budget traveler stays in hostel dorms and travels overland by bus/train whenever possible.  He eats street food and limits nights out.  He tours places on his own rather than paying for a guide or packaged trip.  When visiting expensive countries in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, he couch surfs, does workaways or house-sits to get cheaper accommodations.

Midrange Trip: $25,000 per person ($68/day)

The midrange traveler stays in private rooms in hostels and airbnb apartments.  He splurges on nicer meals once each week and goes out drinking two or three times each month.  He takes some flights but mostly travels by bus/train overland.  He will book a private tour or package once a month.  He limits time spent in more expensive countries or maintains his budget by doing workaways in those places.

Luxury Trip: $60,000 per person ($165/day)

The luxury traveler stays in guest houses and hotels and travels by plane.  He eats out at restaurants most days and may splurge for a nice meal twice a week.  He often books private tours and transfers.


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