Most of the places we travel are on the warm side. Overall, packing for warmer places is simpler. Dress is usually less formal, less bulky and easier to wash (though you have to wash more often). Jess and I both have things we add to our packs for hotter places to make sure we can dress comfortably and appropriately.

Patagonia Men's Puckerware Shirt

I bought this shirt used and had it brought to Europe by Jess' parents when they visited. I was looking for something for hot humid weather. This shirt delivers. The puckered fabric is light and thin and stays off your skin. It dries overnight and even looks mildly dressy. I wear it often and will be for quite a while

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Patagonia Men's Capilene Team Sleeveless Shirt

I always like to have an extra tank top for hot weather. This has a crew neckline and so it looks a little lopsided: business around your neck, party around your armpits. That said, the crew neck has actually made the tank more useful since I can put it under a long-sleeve button down and it looks like a regular tee. It's great for hot weather.

I primarily use this shirt for exercise or relaxing in the house. I own a ton of Patagonia stuff; I believe in the company and the products. If I had it do over, I would bring something a little brighter or more interesting in terms of color. I pretty much only wear blue, black, khaki and grey these days.

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