When you are carrying your entire world on your back, how you do it is important. As the months have gone by, we've refined our packing and organization so that there's a place for everything and everything is in its place. Here you can see everything we are using to carry everything else.

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My clothes on the road are composed of a core set of components that are supplemented with additions whose makeup depends on where we are headed and at what time of year. Here you can see everything in my core wardrobe and the supplements I throw in for hotter or cooler weather.

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Social demands and personal preferences mean that Jess's wardrobe is larger and more in flux than is mine. Her core wardrobe is smaller and the components she has taken in and out of use over our travels is much larger. Here you can see what are her must-haves and what components she's brought in for travel to specific locations.

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Whether it's backing up photos, cleaning our water or listening to music, we have a gadget that gets it done. If it's smaller than a breadbox, has a battery and we use it daily, you'll find it here.

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As bloggers (and millennials) we spend a lot of time on our phones and laptops. Find out what we carry, how we use it and what level of technology will enhance your trip without diminishing your experience.

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Keeping the more than 10 battery driven devices we have with us charged up, connected and running means choosing smart cables and chargers that can serve double duty. It also means understanding international voltages and outlets. Here you can see how we minimize extra cables and chargers while making it easy to keep our stuff functional.

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In addition to packing personal possessions you also need to think about the logistical and legal requirements for leaving your own country and entering a different one. Here you can find the standard documents and licenses we carry to make our travel seamless and easy.

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Special destinations sometimes call for special gear. Though we generally try to avoid buying anything for just one use, some items are essential to certain places. Here you'll find a few of those things that you may need to consider if you are headed somewhere special.

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Here you'll find the odds and ends that don't fit into other categories like water bottles, playing cards and luggage locks. It's the little things that end up mattering the most, and the miscellaneous section is the glue that holds the rest of our packing together.

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Our loss is your gain. Over the last 25 countries, we've learned which things seem like good ideas but just aren't. Save your wallet and your back by taking a look at the items we've tossed out over a year of travel. 

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