This is the basic documents and ID we consider essential for long term travel.

International driving Permit

International Driving Permit

If you think there’s any chance you’ll drive abroad, it’s worth picking up an international driving license before you go. If you have time you can do it by mail, but its much quicker to go into your local AAA office and pick it up. If you are already abroad, a friend or family member can do it for you.




A World Health Organization card is necessary primarily when you are traveling into developed countries from undeveloped ones. But since you’ll want to get appropriate vaccinations anyhoos, just get them annotated on a WHO card. Any infectious disease or travel focused medical practice will have them on hand and should provide them free of charge with an vaccinations you get.


World Health Organization Card


You guys know you need one of these abroad, right?



Passport photos

Don’t spend money on passport photos. With a cell phone and a computer you can easily format photos for 4X6 prints and get them from any drug store photo machine for cheap.