13'' 2015 Macbook Pro

This is a 2.7Ghz i5 with 8GB of DDR3. It has a 250GB SSD. We purchased both of our laptops refurbished which saved us a few hundred on each. When you buy refurbished you also get a year of Apple care, which seemed prudent.  I’ve traditionally been a Windows user and while I think the hardware is really nice, I don’t particularly like the Mac OS. I will probably return to PCs once I get back to the states. That said, the Macbook Pro has been great for all our higher end computer demands (photo and video editing) and the battery life is great for travel days. The hard drive is wholly insufficient to use as your sole storage space. I'm continually shuffling things off of it to our external hard drive.

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13'' 2015 Macbook Air

This was also purchased refurbished from Apple. The limited hard drive size has been an intermittent problem for us with the Air. If I had it to do over, I would probably opt for a 256GB hard drive despite the extra cost. Using this and the Macbook Pro next to one another for several months now, I feel like I can safely say that the Air's Wifi antenna is weaker and has more connection issues than the Pro. Still it's a great travel computer with minimal weight and great battery life.

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Sinoguo Soft Neoprene 13’’ Sleeve for Macbook

It was really difficult to find a top loading laptop sleeve. It was important to me because both of my bags are backpacks with vertically loading laptop sleeves. I wanted to be able to reach into the bag and pull out my laptop for use without having to also remove the sleeve. This sleeve is reversible and I initially disliked the crazy color scheme. It’s grown on me. You'll notice we have plastic hard cases and external neo-prene sleeves to protect our laptops. It's much easier - and cheaper - to take good care of what we have than it is to replace it on the road.

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Incase 13'' Neo-Prene Laptop Sleeve

Standard, cheap. Basically the same as Amazon Basics. Jess has literally had this since college, which means its outlasted several thousand dollars of computers.

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2014 Ipad Mini

I had a Nexus 7 tablet with me early on, but sent it home a few months into the trip. For me, without being readily or continuously plugged into wifi, a tablet really doesn't see much use. Jess doesn't like reading on her phone - the screen is pretty small - so she keeps the iPad primarily for reading. I don't mind reading on my phone and so my tablet was mostly sitting in my bag until the battery died. That said, time to read is a real gift of this type of travel and having a comfortable way to do that is a great idea. If I had it to do over I would bring along a Paperwhite Kindle so I could use something lighter and more comfortable to read on than my phone. For Jess, her iPad serves that purpose.

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iPhone 6

Jess bought a refurbished iPhone 6 prior to the trip. There’s plenty of info on the choosing a phone, especially if you are a Mac person. The only thing I will add is that if you are planning on not bringing a better separate camera, you may want to upgrade your phone before you leave to the best possible camera you can find. You also may want a larger screen even if at home you prefer a smaller screen. You will need to do much more on your phone while on the road than you did at home, a small screen makes emails, reading, reviewing photos and everything else that much more difficult. Personally, we continually lament that Jess' phone has less storage and a worse camera than we would like.

if you are planning on getting foreign SIM cards as you travel, make sure you buy an unlocked phone.

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Google Nexus 5X Smartphone

I did a long review on the Nexus 5X which you can read here. Though I no longer have a positive opinion of Project Fi (at least for extended international use) I still love this phone. Exceptional camera, easy and intuitive fingerprint security and bloat free Android OS. The price for this phone has dropped close to $300 in the last year, which I think is an amazing value. If your are not bringing a laptop or tablet, you may want to consider the Nexus 6P which has a larger screen and memory capacity.

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