Denver Updates and My New Food Tour

Hi, guys!  It's been a while.

It's so strange to think that I used to blog every week, and now I hardly ever find myself reflecting on my life.  Even my journal is months outdated.

If you were used to reading updates from us when we were on the road, sorry we've been quiet lately.

Needless to say, a lot's been happening here in Denver.

11 months ago we touched ground stateside, and the journey of "Let's Get Our Lives Back on Track" began.

We moved to Denver.

Hiking St. Mary's glacier just an hour from our new home in Denver.

Hiking St. Mary's glacier just an hour from our new home in Denver.

We bought a couch and mattress and one of those fancy paper towel holdings that you afix to your kitchen cabinets.

Prepping for cooking classes

Prepping for cooking classes

Nate got a job.  I moved my cooking business, tipsycooks, to Denver.

We engaged in what ended up being a rough transition from spending everyday together to having very separate lives.  At times, it really sucked.

Turns out that as annoying and boring as it can be spending ALL your waking (and sleeping for that matter) moments with your spouse, you get used to it. 

When we moved to Denver, and Nate started to leave for work every morning, I felt... bad.  I felt sad and lonely. 

I combatted the loneliness by exploring Denver and working on my business and generally trying to keep busy enough that that sinking "oh shit, what am I doing here?" feeling didn't get too overwhelming.

Eventually we adjusted to our new separate lives. 

I made friends. He made friends.  Some of those friends were different friends.

I took a side job guiding a food tour downtown which ended up being incredibly fun and exciting.  I got to be with people (namely travelers) and hear their stories and take them around to great restaurants so they could try yummy Denver treats.  I ended up guiding over 150 food tours through downtown Denver over the past year.

It was really fun for a while.

But things changed with the company I was working for. I wanted more responsibility, and there wasn't really anywhere to go with the current company.  I didn't want to just be a part-time tour guide forever.

So about a month ago, I left that job and have been working like crazy to launch my newest venture: Delicious Denver Food Tours.

It's my very own food tour!

What's a food tour, you say?

Well, it's a three-hour walking tour through downtown Denver.  Guests get to enjoy 6 curated tastings at some of the best and most unique restaurants in the city with an experienced food guide. 

A group enjoying my new food tour in Denver, CO

A group enjoying my new food tour in Denver, CO

In addition to trying yummy food, guests get to meet the chefs, tour kitchens and essentially get a behind-the-scenes view of the dining scene here in Denver.  They also get to hear about Denver history and architecture along the way, so it's perfect for people visiting the city that want to learn a bit and have a good time.

My sister, Brooke, enjoying the new food tour in Denver

My sister, Brooke, enjoying the new food tour in Denver

When we were traveling, we did food tours everywhere we could.  My favorites were food tours in Ecuador, Singapore, Cambodia and South Africa.  They're a great way to explore a new city while getting a little taste of the local flavors.    

Like launching any new project, there have been obstacles and unknown pitfalls.  I've gone from being out and about in the city to back at my home office desk (read: our kitchen table) working on the website and researching liability insurance policies.  

Overall though, I'm really excited.  It's a fun tour, and it brings together my love of travel and food.

I'll keep you posted as it develops.  And if you're in Denver or traveling our way, check it out and use discount code RTWCOUPLE to get 10% off the new food tour.

Have you ever done a food tour? What did you think?