Paragliding in Lima

If you've ever visited Lima, Peru, on a beautiful, sunny day, you've likely seen the handful of paragliders sailing along the coast.

Paragliders off the coast of Lima, Peru.

Paragliders off the coast of Lima, Peru.

During my time in Miraflores, I walked the malecon (boardwalk) several times and finally worked up my nerve to go.

There's an area near the Parque del Amor where many of the companies offering paragliding work as an association.  I thought I'd have to choose my company first, but they all offer basically the same thing for the same price, so I just approached and said I was interested.

I paid $75 USD for a 10-minute tandem flight and GoPro video.  Once I paid (cash only!), they ushered me over to a waiting area where I was told to hang tight.  I only waited a minute or two before getting strapped into my gear including a harness and helmet.  

I was quickly introduced to my pilot and told to run when they said, "Run!" and sit when they said, "Sit!"  Pretty easy.

When everything was in place, we took off running for the cliff, and as the wind filled the sail taking us upward, I was told to sit and relax.

From there I enjoyed about 8-10 minutes of sailing around Larcomar, the big outdoor shopping mall built into the cliffs of Lima.  I saw surfers in the water and the expanse of the city stretched before me.  

At times it was a bit scary if you think about the height too much, but I just tried to relax and enjoy the ride.  Highly recommend it!