Why Your Next Trip Should be to Namibia

Have you heard of Namibia?  Do you know how incredibly awesome it is already?  

If you're not already planning your next trip to this country, you should be.

Here's why.

Lovely Clean Capital City

Start your Namibian vacation by flying into Windhoek, Namibia's beautiful capital city.  Clean with clearly marked streets, Windhoek is a great place to get your bearings and adjust to the dry desert climate.  The city reminded me a bit of LA with palm trees everywhere and big, blue desert skies.  Try to make it to a rooftop for sunset.

Hundreds of Miles of Desolate Desert

Sounds depressing.  It's actually amazing.  Namibia is home to the Namib Desert, a stretch of 1,200 miles along the coast, most of which is completely uninhabited by humans.  You may know it as the set of Mad Max: Fury Road or The Cell or Steel Dawn or 2001: A Space Odyssey or a number of other movies filmed in the area.  

Red Dunes and Salt Pans

Inside the Namib Desert you'll find Namibia's top tourist attraction, Sossusvlei.  Originating from Nama and Afrikaans, it literally translates to "dead end marsh."  This salt and clay pan is home to towering red dunes that make for fantastic climbing and photographs, especially at sunrise and sunset.  

Hot Springs and Canyons

If you're adventurous and fit, you may sign up for a five-day hike through Fish River Canyon, Namibia's largest canyon stretching 100 miles long and up to 550 meters deep.  The hike is not for beginners but ends at a natural hot springs called Ai-Ais.  With a number of different hot pools, it's a fantastic way to see the stars at night.