The Itinerary

This is the map that we displayed at our wedding reception.  It was our first crack at a basic itinerary for this yearlong adventure.

As it turns out, an itinerary like this is almost impossible to plan.

First off, everything sounds amazing.  Going to the Galapagos sounds amazing.  Taking a cruise across the Drake Passage from Argentina into Antarctica sounds amazing.  Visiting Iran sounds amazing.

Then you start to dig a bit deeper and discover that you can't see everything (and you probably don't really want to).  A year is a long time, but it's not THAT long.

So Nate and I sat down and made a list of things that would be spectacular to see and do.  Then we started to do research around how much it would cost to visit these countries and when the best times would be to go.  So far, everything lines up well (weather and tourist-season-wise) except India.  There's just no way around it- we're going to be in India at one of the hottest, most difficult times of the year.  Yikes.

We specifically opted not to book Round the World Tickets (which many airlines offer) simply because we heard too many stories about getting stuck in a set itinerary and not having the flexibility to meet other travelers and set off in a new direction.  So we've just booked two one-way tickets to Colombia, and we're gonna wing it from there.  

Here's the basic plan:

Here it is on the map:

Look good?  Want to come meet us?