How Much Does it Cost to Fly Around the World? 7 of 7: Wrap Up

You can see the full routing we created above. This route includes 34,685 miles (55,818 km) of flying. It passes thru 11 countries over 157 hours or close to 7 days of continuous travel.

  1. US>South America- $187/Person
  2. South America>Africa- $1355/Person
  3. Africa>Europe- $336/person
  4. Europe>Central Asia- $439/person
  5. Central Asia>South East Asia- $221
  6. South East Asia>US- $754

The grand total for six intercontinental flights?


This number is close to what companies like Airtreks and STA Travel offer for RTW packages and significantly lower than Oneworld, Skyteam or Star Alliance offers with their RTW tickets (not to mention that our routing would not fit their ticket rules).

What we are really paying for here though is flexibility. Without being tied into pre-set destinations or schedules we will be able to really enjoy the luxury our trip affords: time to explore and space to enjoy our experiences.

I wanted to see what these tickets would cost but we don't plan on actually paying for flights. To find out how we'll be booking our RTW flights for under $500 check out my post "How Many Miles Does it Take to Travel Around the World?"