How Much Does it Cost to Fly Around the World? 6 of 7: Southeast Asia to North America

How Much Does it Cost to Fly Around the World?

  1. North America>South America
  2. South America>Africa
  3. Africa>Europe
  4. Europe>Central Asia
  5. Central Asia>South East Asia
  6. South East Asia>North America
  7. Wrap Up

6. South East Asia>US

We intend to run out our time in South East Asia and be home before Christmas but we have a number of good potential departure cities to choose from including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. 

We haven't decided yet where we will be moving but know that we have to get back to Atlanta to get the dog and the car and presumably some winter clothes. 

The routing on this leg will be interesting because depending on the carrier we may go west or may go east to get home. Once again, let's check prices out of several large hubs in the area.



Kuala Lumpur>Atlanta

Interesting results. 

Our Qatar flight above goes west and again tries to route traffic thru those Middle Eastern hubs. Unfortunately, this time, it means a premium price and significantly longer flight (37 hours).

Korean Air is offering just one stop and 14 hours less flight time for $100 less. And it stops in Seoul's Incheon airport which I've travelled through before and is consistently ranked one of the world's best. This routing takes us up to South Korea and then through Japan's Narita which means it takes a pretty cool route over the North Pole. 


However, Japan Airlines can save us $500 between two tickets and will take us through my hometown so I can see family on our way to Atlanta.

So even though Korean Air and Qatar are significantly nicer carriers, and even though it adds 6 hours to our trip, Kuala Lumpur>Atlanta is our most likely route.

  1. US>South America- $187/Person
  2. South America>Africa- $1355/Person
  3. Africa>Europe- $336/person
  4. Europe>Central Asia- $439/person
  5. Central Asia>South East Asia- $221
  6. South East Asia>US- $754