How Much Does it Cost to Fly Around the World? 5 of 7: Central Asia to Southeast Asia

How Much Does it Cost to Fly Around the World?

  1. North America>South America
  2. South America>Africa
  3. Africa>Europe
  4. Europe>Central Asia
  5. Central Asia>South East Asia
  6. South East Asia>North America
  7. Wrap Up

5. Central Asia>South East Asia

As with the previous leg, it's very difficult to tell where our priorities will be at this point in the trip. We have talked about Nepal, Bhutan and Burma but also know that our budget at this point may not support that. In addition, other travel blogs and advisors have suggested that at this point in the trip we may be pretty worn out and prefer to head somewhere easy and cheap. It's fair to say that India will be challenging and we may just want to relax.

The main goal at this point is to baseline our costs so we'll assume at this point that we are heading direct from India to Southeast Asia. 

Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok are the largest hubs in the region so I will once again see what prices are at all three and figure out the cheapest way to enter the region. We need to be in Thailand by mid-September to start our workaway in Koh Lanta so my preference will be Bangkok.

For now, we will assume that we are going circle back to New Delhi for our departure from India because there are no large cities to the east of it that are likely to offer as many flights.

New Delhi>Hong Kong

New Delhi>Singapore

New Delhi>Bangkok

This is an easy one, the cheapest flight is also most central to where we will be traveling. By flying directly into Bangkok, we'll make it easy to get to Koh Lanta for our workaway at Time for Lime.

  1. US>South America- $187/Person
  2. South America>Africa- $1355/Person
  3. Africa>Europe- $336/person
  4. Europe>Central Asia- $439/person
  5. Central Asia>South East Asia- $221
  6. South East Asia>US- $754

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