How Much Does it Cost to Fly Around the World? 4 of 7: Europe to Central Asia

How Much Does it Cost to Fly Around the World?

  1. North America>South America
  2. South America>Africa
  3. Africa>Europe
  4. Europe>Central Asia
  5. Central Asia>South East Asia
  6. South East Asia>North America
  7. Wrap Up

4. Europe>Central Asia

As the trip goes on our specific destinations and schedule gets a bit looser. This is a result of a deliberate effort to leave things open ended and a general sense of being overwhelmed with how much we have to do just to leave in January, much less planning for 7 months into the trip.

What we do know is that we want to fly somewhere out of Europe and end up somewhere in India, sometime in August. (And yes, August is just about the worst time of year to tour India)

This gives us a lot of flexibility to consider departing and arriving cities. 

I'm going to look at three potential and departing locations in Europe and three arriving locations in India. I can backfill the cost of transport necessary to get us there and figure out if there are things we want to include in the trip to take advantage of the cheaper flights.

Departing Options:





So obviously Belgrade and Jaipur aren't doing well here. Unless I have a strong reason to want to leave or land there, we can focus on the other options. I can knock out Istanbul too unless we really decide we want to make it a stop. Flights from Istanbul to India are almost the same price as traveling from Rome. However, this is a good option to keep in our backpocket if we decide we have the time and money to work thru the Balkans to Istanbul.

The only real decision to make is whether we want to arrive in Mumbai or New Delhi. Flights to Mumbai are cheaper but we will be there during monsoon season and we'd likely spend more than the $100 we would save transiting north to New Delhi.

So most likely, our route will be Rome>New Delhi.

  1. US>South America- $187/Person
  2. South America>Africa- $1355/Person
  3. Africa>Europe- $336/person
  4. Europe>Central Asia- $439/person
  5. Central Asia>South East Asia-
  6. South East Asia>US-

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